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Seabuckthorn Seed oil 
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Seabuckthorn Seed oil 

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Extraction Method :

Seabuckthorn seed oil is extraced from seeds of seabuckthorn by Supercritical CO2 extract


Main ingredients :

Seabuckthorn seed oil are rich in fatty acids including as

Palmitic acid        

Palmitoleic acid    

Oleic acid       

Linoleic acid     

Linolenic acid 



Health food ;

Pharmaceutical material ;

Personal care products ;

Multiple antioxidants




For internal use : Scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging; improving immunization; against myocardial ischemia; protecting the heart; reducing blood viscosity, preventing the occurrence of thrombosis; Protective effect of liver; the protection of gastric mucosa, relieve ulcers.

For external use:  Moisturizing, face caring, sunscreen, treating burns and trauma.




Transparent liquid with yellow brown
Odor & FlavorCharacteristic flavor of sea buckthorn seed oil
Moisture& volatile (%) 

Impurity (%)  ≤0.15 
Acid value(KOH) (mg/g) ≤15.0     
Peroxide value (g/100g) ≤0.25
Refraction index n40 1.4650-1.4800 
Opposite densityd d2020 0.9000-0.9550
Iodine value (I)(g/100g)130-200 
Saponification number (KOH)/(mg/g)184-210

Nonsaponifiable matter/(%)
VE (mg/100g)≥100

Main form of fatty acid /(%)

Palmitic acid      C16:07.0-12.0
Palmitoleic acid   C16:10.6-3.0
Stearic acid       C18:01.5-3.0
Oleic acid         C18:118.0-26.0
Linoleic acid      C18:233.0-40.0
Linolenic acid     C18:323.0-32.0
Arachidic acid     C20:00.1-0.4
Arachidonic acid   C20:10.1-0.4

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