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Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil

Extraction Method :
Seabuckthorn pulp oil is extraced from raw pulp of seabuckthorn by special centrifugal machine at very high spead.

Main ingredients :
Seabuckthorn pulp oil are rich in fatty acids including as:
Palmitic acid
Palmitoleic acid  (Omega 7 )
Oleic acid    (Omega 9)
Linoleic acid
Linolenic acid
And also high carotenoids,VE, VA. Etc. It has a high application value in anti-oxidants eliminating free radicle, restraining aging.

Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil can be raw matereial to use in health care, cosmetics and drugs.

1. For internal use :Protection of gastric mucosa; anti-oxidation; regulate immune function; anti-tumor; the protection of cardiovascular; hepatoprotective role.
2. For external use: To promote the role of epidermal growth, skin trauma and due to radiation, burn, scald the skin caused by inflammation of mucous membranes have good curative effect, and there are emollients, sunscreen capabilities. In addition, inflammation can also be used to treat vaginal mucosa, cervix within the meningitis, diseases such as cervical erosion.


Items Specification
Appearance Transparent liquid with red brown;
It is easy to curdle when temperature is lower.
Odor & Flavor Characteristic flavor of sea buckthorn fruit oil
Moisture& volatile  (%) ≤0.20
Refraction index n40 1.4500-1.4800
Opposite density 0.9100-0.9400
Iodine value (I)  (g/100g) 18-70
Saponification number  (KOH)/(mg/g) 130-200
Nonsaponifiable matter  (%) ≥1
VE (mg/100g) ≥100
Total carotenoids  (mg/100g) 180 - 400
Palmitic acid        C16:0 25.0-35.0
Palmitoleic acid     C16:1 25.0-35.0
Stearic acid         C18:0 0.5-2.0
Oleic acid           C18:1 20.0-35.0
Linoleic acid        C18:2 2.0-9.0
Linolenic acid       C18:3 1.0-3.0
Arachidic acid       C20:0 0.2-0.5
Arachidonic acid     C20:1 0.1-0.4