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Wild Seabuckthorn Juice Powder

Extremely high in Vitamin C – Wild seabuckthorn juice powder has one of the highest amounts of Vitamin C among all fruits and vegetables. In fact, it has 5-10 higher Vitamin C than orange and 3-5 times higher than kiwi. Vitamin C helps boost our immune system and fight against any seasonal flu infections.

Good source of Vitamins A, E, & K – Wild seabuckthorn juice powder is also a very good source of Vitamins A, E, & K.

Other health benefits – Wild Seabuckthorn helps with skin and hair dryness and overall skin and hair health.Wild SeaBuckthorn powder has a wide-range of potential health benefits including supporting the joints, stomach, lungs, heart and cardiovascular system, and skin. It may also help fortify immune function and support the eyes,

Use: Perfect for smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, desserts, baking, and salads.